Sled Riding Safety

Seeing as how the snow just won’t stop in a lot of places, you should have some fun sled riding.  The one thing that ou have to remember is SAFETY FIRST.  Kids, you have to protect yourselves from harm.  Sled riding can be dangerous if you are not cautious.  Always check your surroundings and make sure that someone is with you.  Never try to go through trees because you might end up hitting one.  If you are under the age of 10 you should always have a parent or adult supervisor to watch you.  Wearing a helmet is the best way to prevent any type of head injury that might occur.  You don’t have to buy another helmet though.  Just wear one that you already have when you ride your bike.  (You better have a helmet when you ride your bike!)  Pick a hill to sled down that you know you can stop at the bottom of.  If the hill is too steep you might not be able to stop and an accident will happen.  Keep safe while sledding and don’t forget to wear your warm clothes!

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