Are You A Spelling Bee Champ?

Have you ever wanted to be the best at spelling?  Do you think you want to take the chance?  You might be nervous the first time you enter yourself into a spelling bee but that is normal.  There are many ways to be able to remember how to spell certain words it just takes practice.  There will be times that you will get a word that you have never heard, and that is all right because it helps you to learn.  One way to become a spelling be champ is by training yourself to memorize words in parts.  Spell the first part of a long word six times slowly and then add the other half and repeat six times slowly again.  Another way to remember how to spell is to constantly write the word over and over again and then say it after writing it down.  If you are someone who doesn’t really like school and the learning part, think of the spelling bee as a fun activity.  Make up songs with your friends to make the learning process more interesting.

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