Get Rewarded For Good Behavior

You know, it just isn’t Santa who makes a list and checks it twice.  Everybody around you can see how you are behaving.  When you scream and cry in a store because you can’t have ice cream, the workers see you.  When you are trying to push other kids off of the jungle gym at the park, parents see you.  Acting out in public is not good behavior.  Being rewarded for your behavioral actions is something that comes with time.  You will get that ice cream that you wanted, but it is to be a reward.  Help mom and dad out with the household chores.  You will be able to eat that ice cream in no time.  There is no need to shout at your parents while you are grocery shopping.  Bad behavior like that leads to absolutely no rewards.  Think about a doll or a video game that you would love to have.  EARN IT!  Surprise your family with clean dishes.  You will be very happy when you find a new toy on your bed.  Don’t forget to make your bed, too!

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