Be Polite When Answering The Phone

Manners need to be practiced if you are going to be answering the phone in your house.  Never answer the phone and say, “Hey! What do you want?”  Be kind to the people that call your house.  “What do you want” is a great question, but not as soon as you answer the phone.  Use a line like, “Hello.  Who is calling, please?”  When the call is not for you simply say, “Hold one minute, please.”  This way they know that you are going to get the person that they asked for.  If the person that they asked for is not available then you should say, “I’m sorry but they are not here right now.  Could I take a message?”  These are three easy lines that show that you have manners when you answer the phone.  Your friends will learn from you and you will be able to learn how to talk to people nicely.

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