Sesame Street Online

Want a place to go where you can play with all of your favorite friends from Sesame Street?  They have all of the fun you need right here.  Get to know characters and play with your friends in the land of Sesame Street.  Learning is a process but can be fun with the help of Elmo and Big Bird.  Need  5 minute break from your little sister?  Take time to play a game with Ernie.  He has a game where you follow what he does.  This is just like follow the leader only you would be following Ernie.  There are many games online for you to try with these awesome characters that you already love so much on T.V.  Be sure to check them all out to stay busy and educated.

Why Do You Need To Bundle Up?

Catching a cold is the last thing you want to do when you know you have to go to school 5 days a week.  Bundling up while it is still cold outside can help you stay healthy.  Just by remembering to put on a pair of gloves can you keep your nose from running.  What do your hands have to do with your nose?  Each body part contributes to the health of the inside of your body.  If your hands are constantly cold and open to bad weather then it can make you sick on the inside too.  Bundling up with scarves and hats is one of the best ways to prevent catching a cold.  If you do happen to catch an unwanted bug be sure to wash your hands a lot.  Use soap when you wash your hands and try not to touch anyone else.  You wouldn’t want any of your friends or family to get what you have!

Be Polite When Answering The Phone

Manners need to be practiced if you are going to be answering the phone in your house.  Never answer the phone and say, “Hey! What do you want?”  Be kind to the people that call your house.  “What do you want” is a great question, but not as soon as you answer the phone.  Use a line like, “Hello.  Who is calling, please?”  When the call is not for you simply say, “Hold one minute, please.”  This way they know that you are going to get the person that they asked for.  If the person that they asked for is not available then you should say, “I’m sorry but they are not here right now.  Could I take a message?”  These are three easy lines that show that you have manners when you answer the phone.  Your friends will learn from you and you will be able to learn how to talk to people nicely.

Get Rewarded For Good Behavior

You know, it just isn’t Santa who makes a list and checks it twice.  Everybody around you can see how you are behaving.  When you scream and cry in a store because you can’t have ice cream, the workers see you.  When you are trying to push other kids off of the jungle gym at the park, parents see you.  Acting out in public is not good behavior.  Being rewarded for your behavioral actions is something that comes with time.  You will get that ice cream that you wanted, but it is to be a reward.  Help mom and dad out with the household chores.  You will be able to eat that ice cream in no time.  There is no need to shout at your parents while you are grocery shopping.  Bad behavior like that leads to absolutely no rewards.  Think about a doll or a video game that you would love to have.  EARN IT!  Surprise your family with clean dishes.  You will be very happy when you find a new toy on your bed.  Don’t forget to make your bed, too!

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