Things to Think About When Getting Your Ears Pierced

EarringsAt some point, it seems like every little girl will start begging her parents to let her get her ears pierced.  Earrings may be pretty and fun, but there are some things that you should think about before getting your ears pierced.

1.  The risk of infection.  When you get your ears pierced, you are literally inserting something into your body.  The risk of infection is therefore somewhat higher than for a non-invasive procedure.  You need to keep your new piercings clean, and do exactly what they tell you in order to take care of them.

2.  Allergies.  If you are prone to allergies, you my react to earrings that are made out of cheaper or impure metal (gold, silver and platinum are usually safe).  If you react to earrings of a certain material, you will start reacting to bracelets, necklaces and rings made out of that same material as well.Earrings

3.  The risk that your holes may close.  Particularly for the first several months after piercing, your holes may start to close if you don’t wear earrings for long periods of time.

4.  Stretching.  If you wear heavy earrings, your skin may start to stretch, making your holes lopsided and unsightly.

If you want to get your ears pierced, have a long chat with Mom and Dad first.  Earrings can be fun, but make sure that you really want to holes in your ears for the rest of your life first.

Little Girl

“The Backyardigans”

Kids, if you aren’t familiar with “The Backyardigans,” you should check out this awesome TV show.  “The Backyardigans” features five animal children who, using the power of their imagination, go on wonderful adventures in their own backyard.

Pageant Girl Hates Hairspray

You shouldn’t be in pageants if you do not like hairspray.  This is a lesson you should learn for yourself.

You Can Finally Play With Your Food

Watch this video and find out some of the tricks that will allow you to have fun with your food.  I know mom always says not to play your food but in this case you can actually have a good time making it.  You will learn how to cook and feel good about the accomplishment that you achieved that day in the kitchen.

Fun Food Week: Cookie Cutter Waffles

This week is Fun Food Week.  You will want to eat healthy all of the time after seeing how much fun you can have with your food!

Cookie Cutter Waffles

Get out those cookie cutters that your parents don’t use that often and put them to good use.  Safety always comes first so please make sure that the cookie cutters are plastic and not metal. (Unless your parents are watching you with the metal ones)  When they are done making waffles in the morning reach for a cookie cutter and start making your breakfast into cool shapes.  It will be fun to pretend to eat the head off of a dinosaur!

Fun Food Week: Chocolate Covered Fruit

This week is Fun Food Week.  You will want to eat healthy all of the time after seeing how much fun you can have with your food!

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Create your own chocolate covered healthiness by using your imagination.  They make all different colors of chocolate that you can choose from.  Make pink strawberries or white blueberries.  Add tiny crystal sprinkles and make several different kinds.  If you want to go to the extreme, try making your favorite characters’ faces from the television shows you watch.  Have your parents help you find the right edible tools to make your fantastic, healthy snack.

Party Animals

One of the hottest toys from the year 210 is making a big move into 2011, too!  Kids can not get enough of Moose’s Party Animals. These crazy critters come in a variety of party packs that have many different little friends in them.  There are 50 different animals that you can collect.  This makes the single packs convenient to trade on and off with your friends.  Changing outfits is never a hassle because you will have so many different clothing items to choose from.  The more Party Animals you have the bigger the party!  Get your hands on these cuties and hang them from phones, notebooks, and book-bags.  Every kid will want your Party Animal look.

Keep Smiling

Sometimes being a kid can be tough.  You fall down a lot when you’re playing tag.  You don’t know which sport you like to play the most.  You could even be the last person to get picked for a kickball team.  All you need to do is to smile.  Show your pearly whites to the world and don’t let anything bother you!  Take your new toy to recess and show them you don’t need kickball to have fun!  Everyone will wonder what is so special about your toy and they will run over and ask you a million questions about it.  Stay positive and don’t let the other kids get ya down!  Just keep smiling.

Sled Riding Safety

Seeing as how the snow just won’t stop in a lot of places, you should have some fun sled riding.  The one thing that ou have to remember is SAFETY FIRST.  Kids, you have to protect yourselves from harm.  Sled riding can be dangerous if you are not cautious.  Always check your surroundings and make sure that someone is with you.  Never try to go through trees because you might end up hitting one.  If you are under the age of 10 you should always have a parent or adult supervisor to watch you.  Wearing a helmet is the best way to prevent any type of head injury that might occur.  You don’t have to buy another helmet though.  Just wear one that you already have when you ride your bike.  (You better have a helmet when you ride your bike!)  Pick a hill to sled down that you know you can stop at the bottom of.  If the hill is too steep you might not be able to stop and an accident will happen.  Keep safe while sledding and don’t forget to wear your warm clothes!

Old Board Games

Sure kids.  We all know that the video game world is way more exciting than the old board games we use to play.  Actually, you can  play most of the board games on your own television now.  Here’s a thought.  Mix it up one night.  Pick a board game that might interest you and play that instead of using video games for entertainment.  There are many to choose from and if you don’t have one at hand tell your parents to go get you one.  They will probably be more than happy to hear that you don’t want to be glued to the T.V. screen.  You will have fun with this.  I promise!

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