The Skip-It

Skip-ItThe Skip-It, a toy aimed primarily at girls, was all the rage back when I was in school.  I remember spending an entire recess period standing in line to use the Skip-It, the seemingly-endless periods of waiting interspersed with brief moments of bliss  (Of course, the Skip-It that I was waiting in line to use was actually mine, so maybe I don’t actually have a legitimate complaint there).   Even my seven year-old daughter,  usually separated from her computer or the television only by force, loves going outside to play with her Skip-It.

Skip-Its are fun and easy to use.  Simply slip the loop over one foot and swing the Skip-It around your body, alternatively jumping over it with your other foot.  Your parents will probably rush right out the door to get you one, since its virtually guaranteed to get you up-and-about as opposed to sitting silently in your chair at the computer.

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